If you are reading this book, you are likely engaged in one of the most important responsibilities of your career—caring for a child.

Pediatric practitioners fulfill a unique role in medicine in that they see the patient across a continuum of time, often seeing the patient and their family for the first time in the first few minutes of life.

Download Medical Books: Pediatrics Lange Q&A

As you look into the eyes of a parent and child, you recognize that the responsibility is beyond measure and the balance between providing comprehensive preventative health care and recognizing the need for more in-depth system-specific investigation or treatment can turn on a dime. It requires practitioners to have a solid knowledge base, be thorough in their assessments, be insightful regarding preventative care approaches, and, most importantly, be able to recognize when an urgent treatment plan is needed. This book should serve as an assessment tool for students, residents, and practitioners who wish to evaluate their pediatric knowledge base and clinical deductive skills. The question focus and organization of chapters were chosen to cover topics, by and large, consistent with the American Board of Pediatric general pediatric core competencies. Chapters cover a range of topics spanning ages from newborn, including the premature infant through adolescence. Comprehensive dedication to issues related to growth and development, feeding and nutrition, fluids, electrolytes, and metabolic disorders are included. The infectious disease chapter covers both common outpatient infection as well as life-threatening infections which occur in the healthy and immunocompromised host. The chapter on injuries, poisoning, and substance abuse provides review of clinical problems which may be seen on both outpatient and emergency care encounters. Critical care and pediatric therapeutic questions target distinctive clinical scenarios and require the clinician to make prompt, evidencebased medical decisions. The answers and discussion which follow each question include reference to key pediatric textbooks and American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines. To those who use this book, I hope you find it useful and that you are fueled throughout your career by the excitement of discovery stirred by your clinical experiences.

Download Medical Books: Pediatrics Lange Q&A



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