This book – Early Childhood Oral Health 2nd Edition represents the second edition of the first published textbook on the topic of the name it carries—Early Childhood Oral Health. This topic has caught the attention of a large host of stakeholders, as evidence of its importance to those who encounter the youngest members of our society.

Free Books Download PDF: Early Childhood Oral Health 2nd Edition
Free Books Download PDF: Early Childhood Oral Health 2nd Edition

We hope that after reading this book – Eearly Childhood Oral Health 2nd Edition , you will agree there is nothing more important in dentistry than early intervention, with the connected comprehensive prevention and management of the prevalent early childhood caries. We have the tools available to us to prevent most dental caries in children at a very early age, yet we have seen an increase in dental caries in pre‐schoolers in recent years. The chapters of this book will guide you from the epide- miology of caries in young children through ways in which preventive programs for infants and toddlers can be established in a variety of settings. You will note a pre- vailing theme of interaction between members of a team of providers‐from a variety of healthcare delivery disciplines‐to avert what is essentially a behavioral disease.

You will notice that our approach in early intervention is one of managing a dis- ease—well before it manifests itself in the form of a cavity, the way in which many children, generally later than at a toddler age, might encounter their first visit to a dentist. You will also perceive a prevailing theme of education—including the family and all related caregivers, to the community of healthcare providers, all of whom need to be educated in the prevention of early childhood caries.

There is new science related to the prevention of and management of early childhood caries that you will read in the chapters of this book – Eearly Childhood Oral Health 2nd Edition . There is also repetition of science that has been known for decades, indicating what the new science confirms—that early childhood caries is essentially preventable. Only now, when various societal, academic, and political forces are properly aligned are we ready to recognize the clear value of a much earlier entry into the dental world.

Many parties are becoming aware of the costs associated with the treatment of the effects of early childhood caries. These costs have historically been apparent only after children present to their dentist, or to an emergency room somewhere, at the age of 2 or 3, with a mouthful of cavities. As a society, we have accepted the fact that children present somewhere with many cavities in their primary teeth at a young age, never having had any form of prevention attempted. Only recently have we started to ask why we cannot change the way in which the profession views the management of early childhood caries as an opportunity for prevention—
versus waiting for the devastation to occur. We believe this book – Eearly Childhood Oral Health 2nd Edition provides a guide to making the transition to manage the disease before it devastates the mouth and potentially beyond. We talk about the relationship between oral health and over- all health. With so much more being discovered each day connecting the mouth to the body, early intervention becomes ever more important.

New in this edition is a chapter on the legal and political environment that impacts the management of ECC and specifically, the effects of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The ACA may not affect many aspects of oral health care and delivery for adults, but it is already having an impact on children.

Another important factor that has instilled increased enthusiasm around the early management and prevention of early childhood caries is the realization by many of how rapidly an infant with no clinically evident disease can progress to a toddler with multiple caries affected teeth. Few chronic diseases persist and pro- gress over such a long period of time, and yet so rapidly as does early childhood caries. Drs. Mouradian and Meyer describe the important role of physicians in prevention and management of early childhood caries. In the years ahead, health- care providers form all perspectives will play a role in identification of children at the greatest risk of disease. The chapter on “referrals that work” will guide us through the ways in which existing encounters in conjunction with well‐baby checkups in pediatrician and family physician offices can work in concert with referrals to dental homes to avert disease in early childhood.

In spite of attention to the subject of early childhood oral health we hope this book – Eearly Childhood Oral Health 2nd Edition will bring, the overall awareness about this most important age group as it concerns their oral health is very low. The focus therefore needs to be on the youngest of all via a unification of parties extending from parent and family to teacher and healthcare professional.

Free Books Download PDF: Early Childhood Oral Health 2nd Edition



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