The “Textbook of Diabetes” is an edited, updated 4th edition. This is a complete reference to diabetes related issues. The book is compiled by diabetes experts from around the world.

Therefore, the experiences in examination and treatment of different patient groups are also analyzed and shared. Experts have provided in-depth knowledge and new developments in the treatment and care of diabetics.

These new measures have been applied in many parts of the world with examples of practical clinical cases. This makes the reader more accessible and better able to apply reality.

This book “Textbook of Diabetes” is known and widely used in previous versions. This new version is further reinforced by the latest updates along with beautiful, accurate and effective illustrations.

This new version of Textbook of Diabetes adds clinical issues such as managing diabetes patients, providing care for people with diabetes.

This is a reference for clinicians as well as instructional materials in medical schools. It is also useful for pharmacists in studying more effective remedies.

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