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Here’s a very brief overview of the topics we cover in the various parts of this book – Biochemistry For Dummies. Use these descriptions and the table of contents to map out your strategy of study.

Part I: Setting the Stage: Basic Biochemistry Concepts

This part deals with basic aspects of chemistry and biochemistry. In the first chapter you find out about the field of biochemistry and its relationship to other fields within chemistry and biology. You also get a lot of info about the different types of cells and their parts. In Chapter 2 we review some aspects of water chemistry that have direct applications to the field of biochemistry, including pH and buffers. Finally, you end up with a one-chapter review of organic chemistry, from functional groups to isomers. Biochemistry For Dummiesprepladder notes

Free Medical Book: Biochemistry For Dummies - 2nd Edition (2011)
Free Medical Book: Biochemistry For Dummies – 2nd Edition (2011)

Part II: The Meat of Biochemistry: Proteins

In this part we concentrate on proteins. We introduce you to amino acids, the building blocks of proteins. Having the building blocks in hand, in the next chap- ter we show you the basics of amino acid sequencing and the different types of protein structure. We finish this part with a discussion of enzyme kinetics, both catalysts (which speed up reactions) and inhibitors (which slow them down). Biochemistry For Dummies

Part III: Carbohydrates, Lipids, Nucleic Acids, and More

In this part we show you a number of biochemical species. You’ll see that carbohydrates are far more complex than that doughnut you just ate may lead you to believe, but we do show you some biochemistry that is just as sweet! Then we jump over to lipids and steroids. Next are nucleic acids and the genetic code of life with DNA and RNA. Then it’s on to vitamins (they’re involved more than once a day) and hormones (no humor here — it would
just be too easy). Biochemistry For Dummies

Part IV: Bioenergetics and Pathways

It all comes down to energy, one way or another. In these chapters we look at energy requirements and where that energy goes. This is where you meet our friend ATP and battle the formidable citric acid cycle. Finally, because you’ll be hot and sweaty anyway, we throw you into the really smelly bog of nitrogen chemistry. Biochemistry For Dummies

Part V: Genetics: Why We Are What We Are

In this part we tell you all about making more DNA, the processes of replica- tion, and several of the applications related to DNA sequencing. Then it’s offto RNA and protein synthesis.

Part VI: The Part of Tens

In this final part of the book – Biochemistry For Dummies we discuss ten great applications of biochemis- try to the everyday world and reveal ten not-so-typical biochemical careers.

Free Medical Book: Biochemistry For Dummies – 2nd Edition (2011)


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