ECG Diagnosis: A Self-Assessment Workbook provides an educational self-assessment guideline for the interpretation of various electrocardiographic abnormalities. In this book ECG Diagnosis: A Self-Assessment Workbook, 250 common and clinically pertinent ECG abnormalities are included. Thus any ECG tracings showing extremely unusual and rare ECG abnormalities or complex cardiac arrhythmias have been purposely omitted.

ECG Diagnosis: A Self-Assessment Workbook

ECG Diagnosis: A Self-Assessment Workbook will be extremely valueble to medical students, medical residents, cardiology fellows and all primary (e.g. internists, family medicine physicians and emergency room physicians). In addition, this book
ECG Diagnosis: A Self-Assessment Workbook – will be useful to cardiac care nurses, anesthesiologists, rehabilititation medicine physicians and paramedical personnel.

You may work your way through the exercises in this book Consecutively for a Compre hensive assessment of your diagnostic skills , at random for a more “ real life ” challenge , or , to test your knowledge in a particular area ( Atrial Arraytbmias , for example ) , simply turn to that section . For each case , carefully review the ECG image and then record your interpretation in the space provided . You may find the Key to the Diagnostic Criteria and Abbreviations Key provided at the front of the book to be helpful . To check your inter pretation , turn to the corresponding case in the Case Descriptions section at the back of the workbook . ECG Diagnosis : A Self – Assessment Workbook will be a Companion volume to Pocket Guide to ECG Diagnosis and ECG Diagnosis and Self – Assessment CD – ROM by the same author

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to my daughter in law. Sue, for her valuable editorial work to complete ECG Diagnosis: A Self-Assessment Workbook. In addition, the endless cooperation of the editorial staff of Blackwell Scinece is deeply appreciated

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