The function and state of the mind are of significant importance to the physical health of an individual. The United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) is closely attuned to the substantial power of the mind–body relationship and extensively tests this area on all three steps of the examination.

This review was prepared as a learning tool to help students rapidly recall information that they learned in the first two years of medical school in behavioral science, psychiatry, epidemiology, and related courses. The fifth edition of BRS Behavioral Science contains 26 chapters. All chapters start with a “Typical Board Question,” which serves as an example for the manner in which the subject matter of that chapter is tested on the USMLE. Each chapter has been updated to include the most current information.

Free Medical Books: BRS Behavioral Sciences 5th Edition PDF
Free Medical Books: BRS Behavioral Sciences 5th Edition PDF

A total of 634 USMLE-style questions (about 70 more than in the fourth edition) and answers with detailed explanations are presented after each chapter, as well as at the end of the Comprehensive Examination. Many of these questions were written expressly for this fifth edition and reflect USMLE style, using clinical vignettes in the stem and “quote” format in the answer. Many tables are included in the book to provide quick access to essential information. The author wishes to thank Betty Sun, Crystal Taylor, and Stacey Sebring of Wolters- Kluwer, Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, for their encouragement and practical assistance with the manuscript. As always, the author thanks with great affection and respect the caring, involved medical students with whom she has had the honor of working over the years. Special thanks to Timothy Kreider (New Jersey Medical School, 2011) for his valuable input into Chapters 25 and 26.

Free Medical Books: BRS Behavioral Sciences 5th Edition PDF



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