As the dental profession evolves, there is an increasing demand for supplementary material that can keep up with advancing trends. ‘Hands on’ practical experience is essential for anyone in the dental profession, and this needs to be supplemented with written information to reinforce our practical experiences.

This illustrated manual has been prepared for students working and studying in the dental profession. It may be used as a study aid or kept in the dental surgery as a reference guide. This manual is intended to complement other methods of learning, i.e. textbooks, lecture notes etc., and is not meant to be a comprehensive resource. The 100 items used in the National Examining Board for Dental Nurses in the United Kingdom are included in this book, and the current (at time of publishing) ‘spotter’ items list is included in the Appendix. Because many dental instruments look similar, and can be confusing to a student, the ‘false friends’ sub-sections identify instruments that may resemble the particular instrument. This manual is not intended to be a complete representation of all dental instruments, but it does include examples from each dental discipline.As many dental instruments are multi-functional and are referred to by more than one name, where possible, these are given beside the name of the instrument.

Basic Guide to Dental Instruments PDF

Basic Guide to Dental Instruments PDF

Complete set-ups have been included at the end of most sections for various procedures. The dental professional may have to modify these lists, depending on operator preference. Each section is dedicated to a specific discipline or division of dentistry. Some instruments feature in many sections, and these have been included in the set-up subsections of the relevant sections. Infection control is a fundamental requirement in the dental surgery, and as such the first section is dedicated to this area. This section aims to introduce the principles of health and safety, which must always be at the forefront of a dental professional’s mind. Contact the legislative bodies for appropriate regulations and legislation relevant to your workplace.

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