A Practical Manual of Public Health Dentistry Accurate diagnosis of a disease depends on the art of taking Case History” The traditional approach to the diagnosis and treatment of a patient in medicine or dentistry starts with recording of the history of the problem. Despite major advances in investigative techniques, an analysis of history and clinical examination of the patient remains the cornerstone of correct diagnosis and sound treatment. Even then, many clinicians skip the process, jump to “spot-diagnosis” and start with the treatment.

A Practical Manual of Public Health Dentistry

Such an approach is likely to miss coincidental pathology and co-morbidity. Therefore, it is imperative that a detailed dental and general medical history is elicited and recorded on record sheets. The recording of an accurate medical history is in the best interest of patients and dental staff alike. There is little information in the literature concerning the standard of medical history recording thought to be adequate and the questions necessary for comprehensive medical history taking. It has been suggested that efforts need to be made by the dental profession to set standards and formulate guidelines to establish a more standardized medical history questionnaire. The use of a pre-printed dental/medical history questionnaire can serve a valuable role in taking and documenting history and clinical examination of a patient, and formulation of a treatment plan. This manual is an effort in that direction. There are several books of Public Health Dentistry available in the libraries and market but no book till date is written on how to successfully record a case history including indices and planning of treatment by dental students especially for the department of Public Health Dentistry. This book A Practical Manual of Public Health Dentistry , written in concise and clear language, is intended to fill that lacuna

This manual takes into consideration the method of history taking, clinical diagnosis, levels of prevention and comprehensive treatment planning. It also highlights different questions and also tries to provide answers. This book A Practical Manual of Public Health Dentistry is intended to be used in practicals in Public Health Dentistry. The manual would be useful for both undergraduate and postgraduate students. In conclusion, I hope that this manual will prove to be valuable to staff and students of the department of Public Health Dentistry.

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