It gives me great pleasure to present the rst edition o Beyond the NICU: Comprehensive Care of the High-Risk Infant. o date, no other book has delivered practical, evidence-based strategies or health care providers caring or the NICU graduate during convalescence and a er discharge.

Following the convenient, user- riendly outline ormat that has proven to be so success ul in the McGraw-Hill Lange series, Beyond the NICU has been written by true experts in the eld and is delivered to you in a manner that is easy to read and provides up-to-date suggestions or improving medical and developmental outcomes in high-risk in ants. Neonatology as a specialty is ever evolving, with survival o the most premature and sickest ull-term in ants continuing to improve. Advances in technology and growing knowledge in this relatively new eld o pediatrics has resulted in more medically ragile and developmentally at-risk in ants surviving intensive care, convalescing in intermediate-level nurseries, and being discharged home to the care o their amilies and primary care providers.

Medical Book Free: Beyond The NICU Comprehensive Care Of The High-Risk Infant
Medical Book Free: Beyond The NICU Comprehensive Care Of The High-Risk Infant

Medical students, housesta , nurse practitioners, as well as therapists and other health care providers caring or these in ants receive little training on best practice or the NICU graduate. Furthermore, parents are o en underprepared to assume primary responsibility o their in ant’s special needs a er discharge and medical providers in the community o en have little experience with providing care or this at-risk population. Beyond the NICU has been written with the intention to ll that knowledge gap, to be a resource guiding the success ul transition o a high-risk in ant rom intensive to intermediate-level nursery and, then, helping the child thrive outside o the hospital and in the home environment.

Beyond the NICU is divided into our primary sections. Section I, the introduction, provides invaluable background in ormation that all those caring or high-risk in ants should consider. A medical historian presents the interesting story o how the NICU graduate evolved. T is is ollowed by a primary care pediatrician’s suggestions or the role o the PCP and an expert in neonatal ollow-up care outlines a new model o care—the transitional medical home—when caring or these babies through discharge and during those critical rst months at home or the medically ragile in ant. We are thrilled to then provide you with the amily perspective, asking parent representatives rom leading children’s hospitals across the United States, “What do you wish your doctors and nurses had understood ollowing your NICU stay?”

Medical Book Free: Beyond The NICU Comprehensive Care Of The High-Risk Infant



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