Stanford pathology residents and fellows play a central role in the Department’s goal to provide quality service to patients. Clinical duties vary depending on the service being covered. In general pathology trainees take on graduated responsibility, functioning as liaisons between the clinical teams and the pathology laboratory. For a detailed description of resident and fellow duties on each of the services, refer to the appropriate section in this handbook.

Regular Work Hours & Availability

In general the work week is Monday through Friday and the day begins with a teaching conference at 8:00 AM and the day ends at around 6:00 PM. The days and times vary with the service but the total time commitment (including on-call coverage) should not be more than 80 hours per week, averaged over a four-week period. Trainees must have at least one full 24 hour period free of patient care responsibilities each seven days (averaged over four weeks) and must have a minimum rest period of 10 hours between duty periods.

Medicine Book Free: Department of Pathology - Pathology - Stanford University School
Medicine Book Free: Department of Pathology – Pathology – Stanford University School

If the trainee knows that he/she will be late or is ill and must stay home, he/she should notify the attending on service directly as soon as possible. If that person cannot be reached, the trainee should inform the attending through one of the chief residents or through one of the senior residents or fellows on their service. If covering frozen sections, it is also important to contact the administrative staff to let them know you are unavailable for frozen section coverage, e.g. receptionists in surgical pathology, secretary in neuropathology.

Each trainee will be issued a radio-pager (beeper) by the Graduate Medical Education (GME) office. Trainees are expected to be available by page during regular work hours. You can get replacement batteries from Pager Administration (basement Room HC009, accessed by escalator next to the Gift Shop) or from Security after hours (basement, approximately below the ATMs near the Emergency Room).

According to Pager Administration, the range of standard house staff pagers is 50 miles in ideal conditions. In practice, you may find that the range is closer to 15-20 miles. If you are unsure of pager coverage, call 650-723-8222 and page yourself from your location. If you do not receive the page, call Hospital Paging at 650-723- 6661 and leave a telephone number where you can be reached. If you cannot be reached by paging or by phone, you must arrange coverage with another resident who can be reached, and notify the service involved of the change

Individual Patient Hand-off

The policies and procedures for individual patient hand-off vary by service. Please check with your service director for patient hand-off procedures.

Night and/or Weekend On-Call Duty

On-call duty time must be counted toward the weekly duty hour limit

Medicine Book Free: Department of Pathology – Pathology – Stanford University School



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