Lippincott’s Pocket Pathology is designed to serve as an adjunct learning tool for medical students in the study of pathology.

The material contained within this text is meant to present a concise, clear, and directed application of the material contained within the full-text version, with emphasis placed on the extraction of high-yield concepts

Medicine Book Free: Lippincott's Pocket Pathology
Medicine Book Free: Lippincott’s Pocket Pathology

The content of the condensed version presents key elements of the full-text version as text, bullets, tables, and diagrams. The diagrams have been extracted from the original text or created in order to present added information in a concise format. The disease entities are described with emphasis on demographics, clinical presentation, and pathologic findings. The authors have attempted to make the layout systematic and easy to follow.

Medicine Book Free: Lippincott’s Pocket Pathology




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