Operating Theatre Techniques – 1st edition PDF
The subject is treated from a nurse’s view of the theater situation and of the job she has to perform. Personal attitude is discussed rather than assumed, since it is a big factor in teamwork and in respect for technique. The book can be adapted to any institution, regardless of bed capacity, location, available funds, diseases treated, and theater staff

Comprised of 21 chapters, this book begins with an overview of the surgical team and the responsibility of each member with respect to patient care. The responsibility of the entire surgical team in preventing infections from occurring in the operating theater is then discussed, along with the hazards and some of the rules observed in hospital theaters to prevent them. Subsequent chapters focus on the importance of a nurse’s personal attitude; the equipment used in an operating theater, including glassware; drugs and solutions used in the operating theater; and some important principles involved in the use of linen in the operating theater

Table of Contents


1 The Surgical Team

2 Prevention of Infections

3 Hazards

4 Personal Attitude

5 Equipment

6 Rubber Goods

7 Glassware

8 Drugs and Solutions

9 Linen

10 Instruments

11 Sterilization

12 Suture Material

13 Suture Needles

14 Mental Line-Up

15 Four Clue System

16 Responsibility to Anesthetist

17 Admission of Patient to Theater

18 Positioning of Patient

19 Toweling

20 Care of Specimens

21 Surgical Terminology

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